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Product quality affects companies' purchasing decisions and profitability. However our product is polished, efficient, easy to use and suitable according to application.

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Our Maximum product have stock availability and always ready for delivery. We are able to provide quick delivery with installation support.

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We have dedicated engineer who are expert in our product. Our service team always ready to provide on time service .ETP plant supplier in Bangladesh

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Our customer satisfaction makes us different from our competitors. Customer loyalty, cost saving, brand reputation and popularity helps us to get repeated business.

About Us

“Techno Bangla Engineering” is an Indenting, Importer and Trading house based on Utility equipment and some High tech textiles, situated at commercial location, Dhaka- Bangladesh.
Since 2011, Techno Bangla Engineering has started their business for Textiles Machineries, Spare parts and Industrial Water Treatment. The Company’s Expertise are Experienced in Textiles Industries about 10 Years successfully. ETP plant supplier in Bangladesh, Now we can proudly say that our product survival rate, industrial experience is better than our competitor. We have complete solution of ETP. We also provide environmental consultancy support……..

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