Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Differential Pressure Flow Meters consist of a flow body containing some type of throttle restriction with known characteristics, such as a venturi, orifice, cone, or segmented wedge. This restriction creates a differential pressure between a pressure tap (P1) upstream of the restriction and a pressure tap downstream of the restriction (P2) which is proportional to the square of the volumetric flow rate.

Application: used for flow measurement of gas

Brand: SMC (Smart Measurement Co., Ltd)/XUDA
Origin: USA/China


  • Multi-Variable Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Displays process value(s) and alarm status
  • Analog 4~20 mA DC two wire linear output
  • HART protocol
  • Measuring Range: 0~200Pa to 0~2000 kPa
  • Absolute Pressure: std. 1.6 MPa up to 40 MPa
  • Accuracy: Std. 0.5% of reading, Option for 0.2%
  • Protection: Ip 67
  • Max Temp: -20 deg C to 80 deg C
  • Signal Output: 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU RS 485

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