Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive displacement flowmeters , or PD meters, feature two precisely machined intermeshing gears which rotate within a measuring chamber to determine the volumetric liquid flow rate by counting the number of the gears’ rotations. The PD meter functions in much the same manner as a positive displacement pump with the exception being that in the PD pump the gears drive the fluid media, whereas in the PD flowmeter the fluid media drives the gears.

Application: used for flow measurement of oil/diesel/high viscous liquid 

Brand: SMC (Smart Measurement Co., Ltd)/XUDA
Origin: USA/China


  • Bi-rotor PD with higher range and lower pressure drops
  • Pipe Size ½~12″ (15-300mm)
  • Flow Rate up to 8800 US GPM (2000 m3/hr)
  • Temp -22 ~+480°F (-30~ +250°C)
  • Accuracy ±0.5%RD Std , Optional ±0.2%RD or ±0.1%RD
  • Viscosity up to 20,000 cP
  • Pressure 930 psig (64 bar)
  • MOC CS, SS #304, SS #316
  • Signal Output Analog, Pulse, 4-20mA, RS232/485 MODBUS

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