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"Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd" has Achieved Incorporation Certificate in February, 2021.


“Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd” is an Indenting, Importer and Supplier, Erection, Fabrication, Design Consultancy based on Utility equipment and some High tech textile machinery, situated at commercial location, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Managing Director of this company is Graduate Engineer & he has several foreign and local training’s in Utility equipment. Techno Bangla Engineering is an etp plant supplier in Bangladesh.

History & Experience

Techno Bangla Engineering was started as small engineering firm in March 2011. This company has taken many challenges and and accumulated skills on Textiles Machineries, Spare parts and Industrial Water Treatment. Recently Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd has achieved incorporation certificate in February 2021.  Over the Ten (10) Years it is experienced in project management, services, engineering works. TBEL takes on the role of supply and consultancy for ETP, WTP, STP and Service works. Now it has a relevant list of most area of Bangladesh. It can be proudly say that Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd product survival rate, industrial experience is better than any competitor. 

Our Vision

To become respectable Electromechanical Equipment Supplier & Consultancy company of Bangladesh.

Our Mission

To assure our clients that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time. To procure projects at competitive pricing, provide safe solution and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.

Sister Concern

Employee:  This company has several Mechanical, Civil, Electro-mechanical, chemical Engineers well experienced in Textiles m/c Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Steam Boiler, Cooling Tower, and Other machinery sales and Services, Company believe team work with all customers, Office manager will be assured the best Logistics support for customer’s per and post sales service.
Business Activities: We have all machineries used in ETP. We are familiar to handover ETP & WTP projects. We are expert in our product and able to repair or make any customize solution of our machineries. We are also experienced in automation system. We also provide environmental consultancy support.


  1. Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  2. Effluent or Waste Water Treatment Plant (ETP)
  3. Design, Consultancy & Environmental issue for ETP.
  4. All Equipment & Parts Supply for ETP & WTP. (From Ready Stock)
  5. Cooling Tower & Air Compressor

We are able to make custom solution to meet customer unique need. Our dedication to standard and quality solutions has built our strong reputation for technical excellence which meets all opportunities for successful, timely completion of projects. It is our  policy to deliver products and services which consistently confirm to customer requirements, and to explore the goal of 100% error-free performance through product, process and management quality development

Project Management:

We have successfully complete more than 20 WTP projects & 35 ETP projects in Textile (Washing/Dyeing/Printing), Pharmaceuticals, Power Plant, Oil, Zipper, Paper Mill, Medical and other sectors. We are engaged to manage our projects in a fair way with operation manuals, presentation and training of ETP operators.

Our project management and execution philosophy is:

  1. Create detail schedule and resources plan to meet client’s project objective
  2. Collect Design Parameter
  3. Calculate Capacity using reference of pick season
  4. Design Calculation & Drawing (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  5. Communicate clearly about process description and customer demand.
  6. Supervise Civil, Erection, fabrication work
  7. Complete testing & commissioning and handover the projects on time

our supplier

Pulsar Measurement, UK
Flow/Level measurement

Smart measurement, USA
Flow Meter

XUDA, China

Trundean, Taiwan
Roots Air Blower

Nikkiso Eiko Co., Ltd, Japan
Chemical Dosing Pump

Aqualabo, France
Water Analyzer & Lab 

Suntex, Taiwan
Water Analyzer

Filter Press/Screw Press
Dino, Taiwan
Barrel Pump

Evergush, Taiwan
Water/Waste Water Pump

King Sun, China
Cooling Tower

Paanitech, India
Water Treatment Chemical


Human societies depend on water. Water is needed for food, for energy, for human and ecosystem health, and for the industrial products society produces. Societies directly and indirectly depend on the quantity, quality, reliability, and affordability of their water supplies. When there is too much or too little water, or when it is too polluted or too expensive, society suffers. To be sustainable, to have a reasonably long half-life, water management policies must be based on sound science, be affordable, and be compatible with people’s values and beliefs. 

Social Activity

We believe every business involves with some social activities and we choose Water and Energy savings involvement business to treat waste water and save the Energy for my Country, our commitment is that to save our LAND and RIVER for future generation. etp plant supplier in bangladesh.

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