News Update - August, 2021

News Update - July, 2021

Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd is launching a new product Water Treatment Chemical.

Types of Chemicals:
  1. Scale Inhibitor
  2. Corrosion Inhibitor
  3. Biocide
  4. Bio-Dispersant
  1. Boiler
  2. Cooling Tower
  3. Chiller/Generator
  4. RO/Radiator
Brand: Paanitech
Origin: India

News Update - June, 2021

Stock Available!!!

Air diffuser in aeration tank generally in the shape of a Disc &
Tube, which is used to transfer air with oxygen into water.


  1. Water Treatment Plant
  2. Effluent Treatment
  3. Plant, Fisheries
  4. Hatchery

News Update - May, 2021

Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd is launching a new product Air Compressor. 

An air compressor is a pneumatic device that converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc.) into potential energy stored in pressurized air (i.e., compressed air).

Supplier Company is Denair Energy Saving Technology (Shanghai) PLC. It is a sino German Joint venture enterprise. It is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high end air compressors in China.


  1. Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor
  2. Belt & Direct Driven Screw Air Compressor
  3. VSD Screw Air Compressor
  4. Permanent Magnetic VSD Air Compressor
  5. High Pressure Screw Air Compressor
  6. Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor
  7. Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
  8. Water Lubricated Oil-free Air Compressor
  9. Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
  10. Reciprocation Type Gas Compressor
  11. Centrifugal Compressor

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