Motor Drive (AH)

Diaphragm Metering Pump (S.F.:1.15 F class outdoor)

1. Cpacity 100~2700 LPH
2. High discharge accuracy.
3. Various Connection types available: flange, union, hose, (AHA01 to 32: PVC)
4. PVC, SUS304, SUS316, diaphragm heads available. (PVDF material can only be produced in AHA01~42)
5. Motors: S.F.:1.15 F class, IP55 Outdoor service. (AHA & AHB standard type only)
6. Pressure: 0.3-1.0 MPa
7. Power:0.18~1.5 kw, 380~440V, 50Hz

Brand: Nikkiso, Japan
Origin: Taiwan

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