Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with Digital Display can measure Level, volume and Open Chanel Flow.
Type 1 uses a Primary Measurement Device
Type 2 uses the Area x Velocity method

Monitor Model: Ultra-4, Ultra-twin, FlowCert, OCF 6.1, AVFM 6.1
Sensor: dB 6, dBMACH3, microflow, speedy

Brand: Pulsar
Origin: UK

Flow rate: 0-1000 m3/hr
Accuracy: ±0.1%
Fluid temp: 0~80 deg C (Standard)
Measure: level, Volume, Flow.
Output: Alarm, Pump control.
Monitor: Standard Wall Mounted
Case material: polycarbonate, Flame resistant
Power: 30w, 220v, 50Hz AC or 24v DC
Communication: PC , PLC

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